Attorney Andrew Levetown Discusses Coronavirus Tuition Refund Lawsuits on FOX 5 News

May 6, 2020

From FOX 5 DC:

WASHINGTON – A fed up father is taking a local university to court for failing to provide his daughter with the education he paid for.
Mark Shaffer of Pennsylvania says his daughter’s online classes from George Washington University – one of the most expensive schools in the county – aren’t making the grade, even though the school is still charging full tuition and fees.
Shaffer’s attorney, Andrew Levetown, says his client and others should get their money back.
“Our goal is to file lawsuits not just to GW but to other schools as well and what we really want to have happen here is get ALL the schools to re-think their policy on tuition refunds. Start giving these kids a refund, at least a partial refund for the money spent,” Levetown said.