Andrew Levetown


Andrew Levetown, Partner

Andrew Levetown graduated from the University of Virginia and George Washington Law.

Andrew Levetown’s practice focuses on civil litigation, trade secret theft and restrictive covenant matters, employment litigation, criminal defense and investigations. His experience includes first chair in approximately eighty jury and non-jury criminal trials in local and federal courts; appeals before D.C. Circuit and D.C. Court of Appeals; lead counsel in federal cases including Title VII and Defend Trade Secrets Act litigation in federal court; and litigated  cases involving toxic torts, FCA, class actions, patent infringements, securities fraud, bank frauds, consumer frauds and antitrust cases. He is a member of the bar in the District of Columbia.

  • Former Assistant United States Attorney

    Extensive Trial Experience

    Experienced Senior Corp & Startup Executive

    In-House Counsel Experience

    Investigations into Third Parties for Fortune 500

    Internal Investigations for Fortune 500

An Excellent Beginning

Mr. Levetown began his career as a civil litigator and employment litigation attorney with Reed Smith where he tried toxic tort cases with Judge Richard T. Wentley, white collar criminal cases with the former United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Jerry Johnson, and trade secret theft and restrictive covenant cases with Arthur J Schwab, who is now a District Court Judge in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Later, as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, he represented the United States in state and federal trial and appellate courts and tried cases involving fraud, public corruption, narcotics offenses and violent crimes.

A Civil Litigator

Andrew Levetown has also served as in-house counsel handling litigation and compliance for several global risk management firms, and was the chief executive officer of a leading computer forensics and investigative consulting firm. In this capacity he led investigations into a wide variety of litigation and corporate compliance matters, and he led forensic investigations into well-known cases such as Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, Homestore and Tyco, and he led internal fraud, forensic, embezzlement and FCPA investigations at Fortune 500 companies.

Previous Partnerships

Mr. Levetown was the managing partner of Levetown & Jenkins, LLP where he and his colleagues investigated and or litigated antitrust, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, patent infringement and consumer and financial fraud cases as part of Hagens Berman’s and Webster Book’s litigation teams. He also worked on patent infringement cases with Finnegan Henderson, Shagrue, Zilka-Kotab, PC, LeClairRyan, Doyle Barlow and Mazard, Meagher Emanuel Laks Goldberg & Liao and many other quality
law firms.