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  • "Glenn Ivey is the  lawyer you want to have on your side when your freedom is at risk and your business is on the line."

    – Y. Patel, Business Executive
  • "It is not just [Mr. Ivey's] understanding of the law that makes him an excellent [attorney] — his sense of empathy and compassion cannot be over-emphasized."

    – Former Client
  • "I respect highly Mr. Ivey's knowledge of the law and his legal and personal integrity."

    – Andrea

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Glenn Ivey


A seasoned regulatory trial and appellate attorney, Glenn Ivey has handled over 45 jury trials in federal and state courts.

What Our Clients Say

  • Yogesh Patel
    Yogesh Patel

    After a long investigation by the FBI, our chief executive was accused of attempting to bribe a contracting officer. They had videotapes obtained by undercover informants and they wanted him to plead guilty. We hired Mr. Ivey and his team did an outstanding job for us at trial. When the jury acquitted him, he was thankful to have been exonerated, and also relieved that our company would not lose its federal and local contracts.

  • Former Client
    Former Client

    It was indeed a positive experience working with Glenn. Very patient, worked through the legal process, he is very thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. He was firm where needed to be. If you have a legitimate case, Glenn is the go to person. Structured, patient, he spend the time that is needed, wouldn't rush, did communicate with all parties and kept me in the loop time, prompt in responding to questions, calls and eMails.When an unknown situation hit us, not only he was able to address the situation with calm and professional demeanor, offered the support to our family during the critical phase.Needless to say that would highly recommend Glenn Ivey without any hesitation or reservation.Thank you Glenn

  • anonymous

    We engaged Mr. Ivey in a complicated matter that involved a mix of Prosecutorial Over-reach, Politics & Misapplication of New & Vague Environmental Laws. He worked very hard to ensure every possible aspect of our defense was fully presented. His courtroom pre-trial motions were so astute; they actually left the Judge asking for more. This was a case brought by the Office of the Attorney General which has unlimited resources at their disposal. This, along with the complex and vague laws being misapplied put us in the position of being David vs. Goliath. Mr. Ivey helped ensure justice prevailed and Goliath dropped all charges a week before the trial date. Mr. Ivey had both the legal acumen to defend against very one-sided laws being wrongly applied and the personal compassion to make my wife feel comfortable during the entire process. I highly recommend him.

  • Andrea

    We were very pleased with Mr. Ivey's handling of our case. Although it was an extremely busy time for him, he did not relegate our case to someone else but continued to provide personal oversight.

  • anonymous

    I am a Federal Government contractor who chose Glenn Ivey to represent our small business in a case brought against us by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). We were being sued in federal court by a terminated employee for discrimination. The EEOC decided to support the employee's allegations, and we could have potentially been exposed for up to $300,000. We beat them back in mediation before a magistrate in Greenbelt and ended up with a settlement of $12,000.Mr. Ivey was completely accessible by phone and email, responding immediately to our questions and concerns. He worked very hard with and for our company, and charged reasonable rates for his outstanding work.Most of all, he explained our options completely, allowing us to make the decisions that were best for our company.Mr. Ivey is knowledgeable, personable, professional, and competent, and I highly recommend him.

  • JS

    “I was facing possible prosecution and Mr. Ivey got involved immediately, working to convince the prosecutors to drop criminal charges against me, and then pushed to resolve the civil suit as well. He kept me posted on the status of my case, and explained the process to me every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him.”

  • anonymous

    I hired Glenn to represent me in a difficult matter and I'm happy with his work. Besides being a thoroughly intelligent lawyer, his experiences and background is an asset to his astute professionalism. Glenn went above and beyond to make sure that he exhausted every legal arguments that could help my case. It is not just his understanding of the law that makes him an excellent lawyer as his sense of empathy and compassion cannot be over-emphasized.